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Phantasmat 11 – Deja vu Collector’s Edition

Phantasmat 11: Deja vu Collector's Edition [v.Final]

Phantasmat 11: Deja vu

Collector's Edition

Eipix Entertainment presents the next chilling installment of the classic Phantasmat series!
After a deadly car accident, your sister is suffering from terrible nightmares. Your last hope is travelling to Louisiana to seek out the help of a well-known hypnotherapist. But your trip quickly takes a dark turn when your sister disappears, and ghostly apparitions join you in the fight for your life! Can you uncover the deadly secret behind a series of unsolved disappearances and escape Reed Valley? Find out in this haunting Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

The Collector's Edition Includes:

• Go deep inside your psyche in the exciting bonus chapter!
• Lots of collectibles to find and achievements to unlock.
• Unlock the Souvenir Room for even more gameplay!
• Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, concept art, and videos!
• Access the helpful Strategy Guide.





Fear for Sale 12: Tiny Terrors Collector's Edition [v.Final]

Fear for Sale 12: Tiny Terrors Collector's Edition [v.Final]

Fear for Sale 12: Tiny Terrors

Collector's Edition

EleFun Games proudly presents the next spine-tingling installment in the Fear for Sale series. Fear for Sale magazine has just won an award, but the celebration is cut short when the office is attacked by murderous dolls. You arrive in time to save your friends, only to find yourself blamed for the attack. Can you solve the mystery of the dolls and their connection to a mysterious businessman in time before it’s too late? Find out in this chilling hidden-object puzzle adventure!

The Collector's Edition Includes:

• Fight an otherworldly evil in the exciting bonus chapter!
• Tons of hidden magazines, evil eyes, and morphing objects to find!
• Replay your favorite hidden-object puzzles and mini-games.
• Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, videos, music and more!
• Never get lost with the strategy guide!











1.27 GB

DownTurk & LeeGT

Storm Chasers: Tornado Islands [v.Final]

Storm Chasers: Tornado Islands [v.Final]

Storm Chasers: Tornado Islands

Have you ever dreamed of flying away to some exotic land in search of adventure? Then this game is sure to delight you. Join Alex, her friend Professor Finch, and her faithful dog Muffin as they soar away from London in their airship - and right into the heart of a powerful tornado! The storm sends them into another dimension, where they crash-land in a most unusual new world. You'll help them explore, meet the inhabitants, help them rebuild their village, and repair their airship so they can return home safely. Along the way, you'll meet the inhabitants of the cloud village and see other unusual creatures.

Game Features:

• Master more than 80 windy Match-3 levels.
• A unique combination of match-3, Hidden Object and mahjong.
• Help the villagers rebuild their destroyed cloud village.
• Find all elements you need to fix the airship.
• Gorgeous Full HD graphics.