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Mind Snares: Alice's Journey [UPDATED FINAL]

Mind Snares: Alice's Journey [UPDATED FINAL]

Mind Snares: Alice's Journey [UPDATED FINAL]| 536 MB
Alice Dahl has found herself stuck in an occupation that makes her very unhappy. She knows that her only shot at happiness is to leave her job behind, but past fears are holding her back. After rushing to meet a client, Alice's car careens into a river. She wakes to find herself in what looks like a hospital, but turns out to be a strange shadow world. Her only means of escape is to overcome her fears in Mind Snares: Alice's Journey.

Solve mini-games generated by Alice's subconscious
Help Alice overcome her fears
Explore a strange shadow world

NEW BUILD available for Mind Snares: Alice's Journey - May 1, 2014
Hello RazzFans,
I have great news! A new version of Mind Snares: Alice's Journey is now available on the website. This update includes:
1. Fixed achievements system for new profiles.
2. Fixed possible blocker at the very end of the game - player could enter invisible portal that was pointing to locations without exit back to the playable content - this fix would work also for old save games.
3. Achievements button added to main menu so players would easier recognize there are achievements in the game.
4. The updated version now includes wallpapers from the developer.




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